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What blade types do you offer?
What blade types do you offer?
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Whatever your skin type, we have a blade to match. Boldking blades are made to be skin-friendly, for regular, sensitive and really sensitive skin types. Each blade is set at a precise height to reduce its contact with the skin.

  • For regular skin - These blades are set closest to the skin. Ideal for balanced skin that naturally has enough protection. This is the standard blade.

  • For sensitive skin - A safe cutting distance for skin types that require less friction during shaving. The favorite blade for Boldking users.

  • For really sensitive skin - Set furthest back from the skin. A real gentle shave. We only recommend extra sensitive If you normally get irritation, ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

All of our blades have a protective coating on the metal blade itself, which are covered with blade guards for safety.

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